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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our products have a one-year local warranty for the carrier, panels and plates. There is also a five-year ballistic warranty from factory on the panels, plates and helmets. If you do not follow the care instructions or break the ceramic on the plates the warranty will be void.

If our products do not uphold the advertised protection level in accordance to the corresponding NIJ standard we will either reimburse you in full or give you a new product for free.

All panels, plates and helmets consisting of Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (UHMW-PE) and aramid have a minimum of five-year shelf life. UHMW-PE and aramid are fabric materials and the structural integrity of these fibers will weaken over time, just like any other fabric fibers.

How you take care of the product is also important for extending the shelf-life. Beware, the shelf-life is just an indication, a vest and helmet more than five years old will still offer protection, whilst the chances of complete penetration are close to zero the back face deformation might cause more damage than a brand product. We recommend swapping out panels and plates within 8-10 years.

Avoid storing or drying your vest, panels and plates outside and in hot places. Do not bend or break the soft panels whilst storing. Be aware of the ceramic outer layer on the level III and level IV plates, do not drop or throw away carelessly. The carrier without plates and panels can be machine washed, panels can be cleaned with a damp cloth, UHMW-PE panels are waterproof, aramid panels are resin treated to be water resistant but not waterproof.

All our products have been tested by HP White Labs in accordance with the NIJ 0101.06 standard for panels and plates and NIJ 0106.01 standard for helmets. We do not recommend buyers to test our products due to the fabric fiber construction of the UHMW-PE and aramid panels. Our soft panels are tested to withstand several shots but the structural integrity will weaken as the fibers over time will more rapidly degrade due to the torn fabric layers. If you really need to test it shoot at the lower back corner of your panel.

The plates with a ceramic outer layer should not be tested at all, the ceramic material breaking renders the plate inefficient. If you test our product and it does not protect against the advertised threats we will refund you or give you a product for free, please record a video if you decide to test it. DO NOT in any case test it on yourself!

Yes, carriers are all customizable in accordance to availability of fabric. We can also customize the size of our carriers if our One Size Fits All does not fit you, please inform us if your size is either XS or XXXL. Panels, plates and helmets are not customizable unless for wholesale orders, please contact us for more information about wholesale order customizations and pricing. We have more products available for wholesale such as different types of helmets, riot shields, level III and IV shields and high end branded ballistic fabrics

If you are not satisfied with our product we have a 7-day Refund Policy, the product must be returned in unused condition, please be advised the shipping cost to us will be shouldered by the buyer. If the carrier itself does not properly fit you we can send you a customized one upon the return of the original carrier in an unused condition..

We offer credit card payments through Shopify, this is not a downpayment plan, you will pay the full amount up front as long as your credit card has high enough credit, how you stagger pay your credit card is between you and your bank.